Buying a property and the path to settlement

Here’s a list of what you need to think about as you travel your property purchase journey in South Australia.

Once you’ve found the property you want to buy it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the steps involved.

If you’re a first home buyer, the process can seem a bit daunting and it might feel a little hard to work out who is on your side.

You’ve probably been dealing with a real estate agent whose job it is to make sure that the vendors maximise their price (which means maximising what you pay). is on your side. And if you’re ever in any doubt as to who is on your side, ask yourself – who is paying the bill. That’s usually a pretty good indication!

  • Be sure to arrange insurance over your new property as soon as you have signed the Contract of Sale
  • If you haven’t arranged (and if you need) finance, you should contact your financial institution to make arrangements. If you have a loan pre-approved, contact your lender or mortgage broker to let them know the details of your purchase
  • When your two business day cooling-off period is complete, you will need to pay the deposit you agreed to in the Contract of Sale into the Trust account of the real estate agent
  • If the agent hasn’t already asked for the name of your conveyancer, you should inform them now that you will be working with
  • If there are any conditions in the Contract that need to be met, make sure you notify the real estate agent and when that happens e.g. if finance approval is a condition, once it has been approved you should notify us and your agent right away
  • Make sure that the real estate agent and are told of any changes to your contact details (phone, email, address). We don’t want to have trouble getting in touch!
  • So that we can keep the ball rolling to settlement date, please try and attend to any requests from as soon as you can
  • Part of the requirements that we need to fulfil is the verification of your identity. We can do this online but you will need access to original documents to prove your identify. This is pretty similar to the ID you require when opening a bank account. If you can produce a current driver’s licence and passport that is ideal but if you can’t we can help you with an alternative
  • Keep in touch with the real estate agent and find out before settlement how, when and where you can collect keys for your property once you have settled
  • If you’re moving into the property immediately following settlement, make arrangements for gas, electricity and other connections to be transferred into your name or connected in your name, so that you’re not left out in the cold or the dark
  • There’s nothing you need to do with regard to council and SA Water – will handle that for you
  • Before settlement day we will issue you with a Settlement statement. Have a look over it and make sure that everything is in order and that the amount required on your statement is paid to This needs to happen at least one working day prior to settlement
  • If you have any queries regarding your Settlement statement, message us immediately so that we can sort it out for you


The Contract you sign contains what we call the Particulars of Sale – this includes things like the vendor and purchaser details, the agent details, the full legal address of the property and the Certificate of Title reference (every single property has a unique reference number).

There may also be items at the property that are included in, or excluded from the sale, and these will be detailed in the Contract.

If the property is tenanted, information about the tenancy is also contained in the Contract along with any other conditions that need to be satisfied before the Contract is considered “unconditional”. For example, if the completion of the terms of the contract are subject to you receiving finance approval then that will also be detailed your Contract.

Form 1

The Form 1 is quite a lengthy legal document and it can look overwhelming when you first see it. It is sometimes referred to as the vendor disclosure statement.

The Form 1 includes the particulars of the property and the information that is gathered from what we call ‘searches.’ These are requests that are made by the preparer of the Form 1 (your agent or a professional Form 1 preparer). The responses to those requests are then compiled into the Form 1 document and the seller of the property confirms that everything legally required has been disclosed in that document.

Both the seller and buyer sign the Form 1. It’s a very important document not just because the information is important but because once you have signed your Contract and received the Form 1, your cooling-off period begins.

If you buy at auction, there is no cooling-off period but you still need to be happy with the information contained in the Form 1. It will be on display at the agent’s office 3 business days prior to the auction as well as being displayed at the property at least 30 minutes prior to the auction.

The Form 1 will usually contain the following;

  • Certificate of Title
  • Form R3 (unless it is a commercial property)
  • Council Search (note this will also disclose any overlays and zones, heritage information etc.)
  • Property Interest Report
  • Emergency Services Levy Certificate
  • Land Tax information
  • SA Water information
  • Title and Valuation report
  • Copy of Plan of Subdivision and any agreements or covenants affecting the property. With a proposed lot, documents such as By-laws, Scheme Description, Development Contract are also included.

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Here’s what our clients are saying

Our standard fee is $770(INCLUDES GST)

So how does it work?

We are South Australia’s first pure online conveyancing service. Being online we’re able to reduce overheads. You benefit with simplicity and lower fees.


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Being online we’re able to reduce overheads. You benefit with simplicity and lower fees.


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What is is South Australia’s first pure online conveyancing service. Its promise is simple, digital, stress-free conveyancing with the client in the driver’s seat.

Created and developed in South Australia, is backed by SA’s largest property transaction provider. Our purpose is to service buyers and sellers who prefer to transact using digital channels and who value being able to conduct their business when and where it suits them.

Our clients follow the easy to understand directions in our portal to arrange settlement with Because our service is 100% digital, we’re able to price it very economically. is NOT a national outfit trying to cover the nuances of property transactions in all Australian markets. Conveyancing varies from state to state and we are the experts on South Australia.

Nor are we a marketplace for small sized conveyancers. is a standalone conveyancing firm, based in South Australia and staffed by conveyancers with extensive experience in the Adelaide and SA regional property market. has invested heavily in technology and the development of the smarts to conduct conveyancing online – simply, reliably and without stress.

Why did you start

We recognised that not all clients require a high level of personalised service and frequent human interaction which is both costly and time-consuming.

With the help of clients and market experts, we researched and developed an online conveyancing service to satisfy a different kind of client.

We have been able to make substantial savings on the traditional conveyancing process which is characterised by a high degree of human intervention and communications. works for clients who prefer to transaction on line and on their terms.

How much does cost?

A residential buy or sell transaction is priced at $770 including GST.

Identity is verified online and clients can upload their own documents into the portal to conduct their transaction.

We do not charge for additional items like liaising with your bank or storing your documents. We are upfront and transparent – there are no nasty surprises at

We value loyalty. If you add a transaction to one you are currently doing with (e.g. you are doing your purchase conveyancing through us and you sell a property before the property you are buying has settled), we will discount the second transaction by $100.

Who should use is ideal for standard residential transactions including those transactions with an incoming or outgoing mortgage.

Users of our conveyancing service are comfortable with conducting their business transactions online even when they are high value.

Our clients value being able to conduct their business out of hours and that suits our digital offering.

Because we have been able to streamline the conveyancing process digitally, our clients can expect to pay substantially less than a traditional conveyancing service.

How is different?

We think we’re very different. South Australian conveyancing has a long and proud history and is a natural extension of the very personalised and manual conveyancing services available in South Australia. But we are very different.

Increasingly consumers are becoming comfortable with managing their financial transactions in a digital environment and they appreciate the convenience that helps their busy lives. By transacting in a digital environment, our clients benefit from greater transparency in the progress of their transaction.

You can login at any time and see what stage your transaction is at and what comes next on the journey to settlement.

An added bonus is the savings that can be passed onto our clients because we have invested heavily in our technology.

Will I have a dedicated conveyancer?

In order to maintain our lower price structure we have created internal efficiencies including a Shared Services team.

Clients have access to a support email address for any queries (

The Shared Service concept means that if anyone is away or not at their desk, there will always be someone to answer your question.

There is shared visibility over your transaction and that means you’ll get an answer to your query fast.

Can I get help from a conveyancer if I need it?

You can be assured that behind your transactions there is a team of conveyancers who are licensed in South Australia.

Our conveyancers are all members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA). If you have any questions or concerns you can send an email or complete a webform and request assistance from our Shared Services team.

You’ll receive a notification each time we send you a message so you’ll have total visibility over the progress of your transaction and when we have any tasks for you to complete.

What should I know about your fee quotation?

Our information and our fee quotation is provided to you on the basis of the information you have supplied to us. If there is any variation to that information, and there is a need to revise our quotation, we will always contact you first to explain clearly the reasons for the variation and to gain your agreement before we continue.

When we quote you, we let you know about the third party charges you can expect to pay in addition to our professional fee. Take a look at the What Costs Should I Know About? section to learn more about the fees and charges that may be applicable to your purchase or sale. These fees are what we call Government and Statutory fees which means they’ll apply regardless of who is doing your conveyancing. We’ll help you work out just what those fees will be so that you won’t have any nasty surprises.

Why do you ask for so much stuff?

There are a number of important forms and information that we need from you to make sure that we conduct your transaction in line with legislation and regulations in South Australia and that we complete all of the required checking.

We know that some of this can be tedious, but you can be assured that we only ask for what is absolutely necessary.

The sooner you can provide the documents we require the better – this is so we can work together to avoid any delay to your settlement.

You can be assured that we will return information to you quickly from our side and if you can do the same, that will keep us on track.

We can also assure you that we take the greatest precautions with your data security and privacy. You’ll notice we ask you to register your account to sign up with two-factor authentication.

We will not take any chances with your data or your privacy.

Each time we request information from you, you’ll receive a notification from us to check into the portal, to retrieve the message. Safe and secure.

That’s our promise – to keep you on track and informed.

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